Bottle of Early Times beside a label reading Early Times Kentucky Whisky All-American Whisky since 1860

All American Whisky since 1860

Created in 1860, Early Times grew up during the early days of the country, when most of America was still country. The name Early Times was chosen as a tribute to the old-fashioned method of making whisky, which included mashing grain in small tubs and distilling the whisky in copper stills over open fires. Today, the process of distilling Early Times is much more exacting, but it still delivers the unmistakable mellow taste that is reminiscent of the original American whisky experience.

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Early Times Cocktails

Early Times Manhattan

2 oz Early Times Kentucky Whisky
1 oz Sweet vermouth
2 dashes aromatic bitters
1 dash Orange bitters
Garnish: 1 maraschino cherry

Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled. Strain into a chilled glass. Add cherry to glass.


2 oz Early Times Kentucky Whisky

Pour ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice.

Early Times Julep

1⁄4 oz Simple syrup
8 Mint leaves
2 oz Early Times Kentucky Whisky
Crushed ice

In a Julep cup, lightly muddle the mint and syrup. Add the Early Times and pack tightly with crushed ice. Stir and top with more crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig.

Early Times AND COLA

2 oz Early Times Kentucky Whisky
6 oz COLA

Pour ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice.

Early Times Old Fashioned

1/2 tsp Sugar
2 dashes aromatic bitters
1 tsp Water
2 oz Early Times Kentucky Whisky
Garnish: Orange peel

Add the sugar, bitters and water into a rocks glass, and stir until sugar is nearly dissolved. Fill the glass with large ice cubes, add whisky, and gently stir. Twist orange peel and add to glass.


Kick back and watch our award-winning documentary, “Reinforcements,” about the efforts of Early Times® to help our recovering veterans.

About the Film

When there’s no getting over what you have, a mission can get you through.

“Reinforcements” follows the journey of a U.S. military veteran named Joe and a younger vet, Travis, who is just back from Afghanistan, as they seek answers about their past and their future – with loyal service dogs assisting their recovery from the depths of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).